Kris Emerson

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Kris Emerson

"Excel Still More" Host

Hello. Thanks for checking out the Excel Still More podcast page! My name is Kris Emerson.  I am the host of the "ESM" program. I have been married for 22 years and have 4 kids (ages 6,8,16, and 18).  I have been preaching full time for the past 19 years, mostly in the South East and East Texas area.  I currently live and preach in the town of Lindale, TX.  So I have some increasing experience in raising a family, walking with God, and helping Christians grow in their faith.

I have a passion for the practical.  I love to integrate practical, daily applications into every single sermon.  In the pursuit of getting better through daily choices, I also read and listen to many authors on the topic of self-improvement.  Integrating their ideas into sermons, having first explored the Word of God, is a weekly pursuit and goal.

But I wanted something a little tighter than sermons, something a little shorter and more to the point.  I wanted to create something where one could listen for 15 minutes, have an idea, see it in Scripture, and understand how to put it into immediate action.  And from this pursuit, Excel Still More was born!

I hope you enjoy the program and choose to share with your friends.  Remember, whatever you choose to do today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, excel still more!

Emerson Family

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