The Sun is in the Center

Okay, so I'm guessing this does not come as a surprise to you, but the bright and powerful sun is at the center of all known life. We revolve around it, as does the moon, other planets, and tons of space matter. All life on earth depends upon the sun, and without its massive size (110x wider than earth) and its great distance (93 million miles), our earth would be destroyed. In fact, without the sun in the center, the earth would either be incinerated, or a dark, lifeless rock.

You and I know all of this. But did you know that mankind did not believe it for thousands of years? Even up until the 1600's, mankind believed in a geocentric model: that everything revolved around us. The sun, the moon and the stars, all existed because of us! In fact, it wasn't until the evidence was beyond overwhelming that mankind gave up on this "position."


How silly is that? Well, maybe it's not as silly as it seems. On a personal level, people are drawn to geocentric thinking by the driving forces of the flesh. Satan has done a great job of selling his works under simple packaging: YOU. You are at the center of your life. Everything and everyone is meant to revolve around you. Sure, we know intellectually it cannot work (how can every single person be given this same central privilege). But Satan sells it anyway. Your eyes, your flesh, your pride, that's what life is all about.

In fact, the message of Christ is very unpopular for this exact reason. The Gospel message is simple: Christ is in the center. All life exists because of Him. All of us are sustained every day by what He provides. He is our purpose, not the other way around. The Bible speaks of His glory and worthiness "so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything."

If you and I had been at the creation of the universe, and saw Jesus forming it, we would find self-centered living to be foolish.  If we could see Him now, sitting on His throne of majesty, we would find humanism to be ridiculous. And if we could see the final day, and all mankind gathered around Him in judgment, we would abandon geocentric personal priorities.


Or would we? The evidence is there. The evidence of God as creating us to revolve around Him is seen in Genesis and the creation. The evidence that Jesus is God and came to be our King is overflowing from the Gospel. The evidence from Scripture that our life and purpose are found in Christ have been clearly stated. And yet, how do most people live?  Ironically, those who claim to be so wise in this age, and building lives around their own will, are no wiser than the middle age philosophers, championing the sun's achievement of making one more revolution around the mighty earth.

Maybe it is time to ask ourselves: do I really believe my life revolves around Jesus? Have I been living my life attaching everything I am and do to Him? And if not, why not? What evidence is missing to show that He is 330,000X weightier than I, times infinity? For many, it is not about the facts, it's about putting to death antiquated thinking that serves self.


Is Truth subjective? Just like in the examination of the solar system, there are at least three ideologies in play today: those who believe Jesus is in the center, those who believe man is in the middle, and those who simply don't know. But is truth subjective? It is not. Either Jesus is everything or He is nothing, and what we think doesn't affect that.  Consider the solar system debate in centuries past.  Even when man believed the earth was in the center, was it? Nope. Not at all. Not ever. What man believed didn't have any affect on the truth of the matter.

And so it is with Jesus. He is the Lord and Light of life. He is the radiance of God's glory that brings light to this world. He is our light, as we only shine as a reflection of His light upon us. Everything we are is because of who He is. This is truth, and it doesn't change just because you don't believe it. Those who reject it will lose that light, once it is revealed to them that He is everything, and they will be sent away with nothing.


What should I do? Firstly, before we discuss showing the truth to others, we must determine to live the Truth we know. If Jesus is in the center of your life, and everything about you, shouldn't that be obvious? He should be the central figure in your marriage, in your family, in your work, in your enjoyment, in your daily breathing and direction. Evaluate what percent of your life is subject to Him.  (Wait, let me correct that - 100% of your life is subject to Him. So, evaluate how much you show the truth of this.) Speak of Him as your warmth, your light, your life. Honor Him a the central figure in what keeps you alive. And let that be seen in all you are and do.

Then, let the world see that! The best way to prove the sun is in the center is to show people models and images revealing it to be so. That's what you and I are: the models, the images, showing the undeniable relationship between the small me and the mighty Him. And then, let the Word keep proclaiming His excellencies. Send people back to the Scripture, the Word, the Light... sourced in our center, our life, Jesus Christ.  Build life around the Light, not just because you want to, but because it is truth: we revolve around the Son.






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