Shining in the Darkness: Hope Springs Eternal

There are plenty of reasons to be pessimistic. And yet, none of them are good. In fact, for the Christian, there is no reason to live as if the world was overtaken by darkness. Christians always see the Light of Christ. Christians choose to take that Light into themselves, and reflect Him. In fact, the darker the environment, the brighter we should appear to the world. We have built our lives on the love of God. We live by faith in Him. And for us, regardless of pandemic disease, economic demise, or even death, Hope Springs Eternal.


Do you live with a Biblical sense of HOPE?  In Scripture, hope is not some blind, aimless, empty wish. Hope is targeted toward things that are real and attainable. Hope involves the desire for things of true value. We hope for better days. We hope for heaven. These are well within our grasp because God handles them, and God loves us. Hope involves expectation of such things, because Hope is founded in the power and promises of God. So, what are you hoping for right now? What do you want and expect, because of something you know about God? That is the hope that shines in any darkness.


Have you gotten excited about the way hope SPRINGS?  I love how quickly things can get better. Have you ever been sick and thought it would last forever, then woke up one morning feeling 1,000% better? Yeah, me too. Good news can spring on you any time. Blessings from God can come quickly after a test is passed. The test can also come quick and stay long, but at any moment God can, and has, turned you to joy. If you want to know what that feels like, head outside. Here in East Texas the weather has been marvelous.  Spring has sprung. New life is everywhere. And the message of God: that His lovingkindness is "new every morning" can be felt and smelled in the refreshing air.


Will you remind yourself that something spring ETERNAL?  I'm not just talking about eternal things, at least not yet. What I mean is, some things are just eternally true. Do you find peace in that? Winter always gives way to spring. Pandemics are always figured out eventually. Darkness gives way to light. Things, in life, always find a way to get better. The worst case scenario is... death. What's the hope in that? Well... there are also things the Christian knows to be true unto eternity. The faithful will be comforted in Abraham's bosom. The faithful will know glory after this life. Death is defeated and will be defeated by all who trust in God. I have untouchable hope in Christ, even in death. Do you?


How about 4 BONUS ideas? In the podcast episode, we featured 4 areas where Hope should Spring Eternal. God has done some great things, like set up the spring season, brought His Son forth from the grave, given you a chance to be baptized and raised up to a new life, and seeks to renovate your attitude through scripture and make you better. Those come together to breathe fresh air into your body and soul. But I want to add 4 very practical things you can do in order to receive the benefits God has provided for you.


  1. Read a Gospel.  Any one will do. Read about the power of Christ. Read about His resurrection from death and the message of eternal hope in His blood.
  2. Find Redemption. Have you been washed in the blood of the Lamb? If you need to be baptized, and have your sins washed away, hope springs forth from that choice!
  3. Pray with Passion. Even as a Christian, you may feel pain or loss or sorrow. Pray as if you were in God's throne room. Pray for Him to lighten your load and renew you.
  4. Spend time Outside. Seriously, get outside. Check out the stars at night. Look around at the new life in the day. Breathe it in. God made it all to inspire you.


As I've said and written before: You may not have been born for a time like this, but you were definitely reborn for times just like this.  This is our time to shine. This is how the Gospel has always spread, by hope filled Christians spreading Christ's light in a dark world. Shine on.



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