The World May Start To Wonder: "Is God Angry?"

Our title question is easy to answer: yes. Of course God is angry.  He made man in His own image and blessed us immensely. The moment we sinned in the garden, He set in motion a promise and a plan to redeem us through His only Son. Of course, His Son was despised, rejected and murdered by the very people He came to save.  The church was established, and no doubt God has taken pleasure in seeing people saved, even now.  But there are nearly 8 billion people on earth. And 6 billion of them do not identify as Christians.  An enormous number of the remaining 2 billion fail to obey the commandments of God. Is God angry? A better question might be: aren't you?


But what exactly makes God angry?  Let's ask this follow up question because it helps us zero in on the application from today's read. Sin. Sin hurts God.  God saw the millions of people in sin in Genesis 6 and it grieved Him. Sin spits in the face of God. It rejects His way. It champions the temporary flesh over the eternal spirit.  It favors the devil over the Creator. If you hate knowing God feels anger and pain, turn away from sin. Yes, it really is that simple.  The grace of God and the power of Jesus' blood can cleanse and forgive. But not while we choose to practice sin. "The one who practice sin is of the devil... The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil" I John 3:8.


Is the COVID-19 pandemic being allowed by God? Yes. We know this with certainly. There is nothing that happens outside of the allowance of God. He has all power. While all suffering and sadness are sourced in Satan, God allows the adversary to do certain things.  By the way, this ought to be a great comfort to you! If God did not control Satan, how unrelenting and devastating would life be! You may not be able to pin the pandemic as the judgment of God, but it is something God saw fit to allow mankind to face. So instead of complaining and lamenting, or blaming others for causing this, we ought to be asking: "what can we learn from this?" If God saw fit to allow it, and such things are allowed by God about every 100 years or so, "what is the lesson to learn? What temptation must I overcome? What endurance do I need?" God often submits His own people to trial for their good, for the Kingdom's good.


Is God punishing the godless with this pandemic?  This is certainly the most difficult question thus far. Some will unequivocally proclaim that it is. But then you look at Christians who have suffered, or innocent children, and wonder how that could be. Some will say no, God would never send such a thing. I'll say this with confidence: He has sent such things before when the world turned from Him. He sent a global flood because of the sin of mankind, saving only eight. He sent ten plagues against Egypt because they were godless and persecuted His people. He sent foreign armies to capture and even kill His own people, because His people had forgotten Him.  When you look at the current pandemic, and its source in an utterly godless nation, you may see God's judgment. When you see the greatest impact among our most secular and evil cities, you may see God's judgment. Atheistic cultures, who persecute Christians, are suffering. America, which has systematically sought to minimize God, is suffering. But again, as we began, whatever is happening, it all comes down to one thing: sin. Sin is pain. Sin is death. Sin must be forsaken.


How do I explain all of this to people who ask about God's hand? Tell them God hates sin. Tell them sin is the source of death and as long as sin exists, there will be pain. Tell them God is allowing us to face this, and that means He is with us while we face this.  If we turn from sin and trust in Him, the outcome will be eternally good. Tell them evil nations may be facing the wrath of God as many have before. But again, it is no secret why. Until men stop sinning, the devil will keep hurting us, and God will keep allowing that to happen. There is only one solution: remission of sins.


So how do we, as a nation, get remission of sins? That is an awesome question. The answer, of course, is WE don't. There is no we in repentance. There is no we in confession. There is no we in baptism, nor in faithfulness. Each person must turn from sin and be saved by Jesus. In that way, you can help heal this nation. You can help everyone. You must address the sin in your life, turn to Jesus, and live for Him.  Every time someone does that, the environment in which we all live is changed. Tell all who have questions, the answer is the same: be saved by God in Christ and it will appease His anger. Repent and obey today.



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