If You Want To See Results: Stop Starting Over.

Most of us have been told:  "Don't be a quitter." Well, I balk at that. Be a quitter. Be an epic, albeit considerate, quitter of anything and everything that doesn't matter in your life. If there are things you are doing that don't resonate with your core values, and God doesn't require it, then quit. No shame. If there are things you know you will never go back to, then let them go. This is a crucial first step to the application of this week's episode.

Once we have cleared out things that don't matter, we can use that time, money, energy and focus on sticking with things that do matter to us, to God and to our families! Let's explore maximizing our effort by sticking with it!


What are some things in your life you frequently quit, only to return later and try again?  I really want you to think about this. Does it have to do with your faith, like prayer or study or worship? Does it have to do with friendships, like improving your marriage or connecting with brethren? Does it have to do with finances or fitness? It is time to admit: "if I keep quitting and coming back to this, then I need to realize it is actually important to my life." We want to focus on those things today, and start imagining how far we could progress if we didn't take months off in between efforts!


Are you tired of using tons of energy just to get caught back up with where you left off?  I will give a different illustration that the garden example in the podcast. Let's make this more real. Let's talk about improving a marriage.  If a man is told to put in 100 hours and he will see incredible growth in his marriage, he might get started right away.  He might set up a date with his wife or go out of his way to get her favorite snack to bring home. That's a good start. But if he then takes two months off, back to staring at the television, that effort won't have accomplished much.  Now, if he gets back to it in a couple of months, he is back to square one on getting her attention and setting aside another first date.  Maybe he goes on for a week with other kind gestures. But then... hunting season. She doesn't see him for three months. The marriage doesn't improve, and his efforts aren't doing any good. But that same amount of effort, the same hours and decisions, sustained over time, will make all the difference in the world! If you are tired of losing progress on things you wish you had not abandoned, then stop starting over.


What do you do if you slip up, have setbacks, or even miss a whole week? In other words, what constitutes quitting? I do not consider a slip up, a setback, sailing off course to help someone, or even a week of distraction, to be the same as stopping. If you have it on your mind to keep going, and your are prayerful and focused about keeping it on the schedule, you are going to be okay! I'll give you an example.  I cycle now.  I'm a cycler.  Lol. Okay, I ride an indoor bike.  I did it every day for thirty days.  Then, I got sick and missed a week. But I intended to take the first opportunity to get back on the bike, and I did. Then I got busy and missed 4 days, but I made sure to get two rides in before the week was done. Now I am committed to a very doable three rides per week, as a fair standard for growth. By the way, when coming back after missing days, I was still logging personal records! There is a huge difference, in terms of progress, between missing a week and dropping it for 6 months!


Will you make a short list today and keep it close to you?  I want you to write down a few things you keep coming back to, but too often don't follow through with. Write down things that must be important to you, because you feel right when you do them and disappointed when you don't. For some it may include daily Bible study, for others time with the kids, yet others getting regular exercise. What these all have in common is that they matter to you, please God, and benefit others. Now pray over that list. Talk to God and say, "Father, I'm tired of stopping and starting again. I may have setbacks. I will need your mercy. But I will never give up again. I'm in to see where this goes if I don't give up. I'm done starting over."


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