Episode 21: Affirmations Are Cool

By Kris Emerson on April

Affirmations Are Cool

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Affirmations Are Cool

I used to think that affirmations were not cool! I mean, what good is it sitting in front of a mirror saying nice things about yourself? Well, I've got news for you: affirmations are very cool. At least, when understand through our connection with Jesus Christ. We can believe in Jesus to the fullest. But if we do not also believe in ourselves, and the strength we have because of Him, problems and failure will persist. But with affirmation comes healthy and powerful confidence, and through this God is greatly honored! To learn about how "bowties are cool" and "affirmations are cool" check out today's episode!

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Kris Emerson, a loving husband, father of four, and gospel preacher, takes a few minutes to go over some important life changing and spirituals insights.

  • How to use affirmations to strengthen your resolve
  • Why are affirmations cool and useful for everyone
  • How to connect God's power to your own
  • How to create accountability in your day through affirmations
  • What are the most effective affirmations in Scripture you can use today

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