Episode 2: One Great Hour

By Kris Emerson on January

One Great Hour

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One Great Hour

Okay, so if you are resolved to "Just Get Better" you've cleared a major hurdle! And if you have made the lists from episode one, you even have a vision of what that will look like. Now it's time to take our first tangible, daily step. In fact, I might call it "The Step." This simple morning decision has transformed the day and made it more productive that I ever thought possible. If you want to know more about the power of one great hour, check out today's episode!

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Kris Emerson, a loving husband, father of four, and gospel preacher, takes a few minutes to go over some important life changing and spirituals insights.

  • How to make a better morning decision
  • How to start your day off right
  • How to go to God first
  • How to feel great about your day
  • How to build a stronger relationship with God

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