Episode 28: Open Your Eyes

By Kris Emerson on April

Open Your Eyes - Bill Board

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Open Your Eyes

God is doing incredible things in your life! He is answering beautiful questions, He is surrounding you with providential guidance and opportunities.  The question is:  Are you seeing it?  Sometimes the lighted path is right in front of us, the next person to influence is right beside us, and our eyes are closed. I want to tell you a story from this past weekend.  God would not let me keep my eyes closed to His work.  He opened them with a ray of sunshine.  I am determined to keep those eyes open for the people in my life He has lined up for me to influence in Christ.  To learn more awareness for that, check out "Open Your Eyes."

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Kris Emerson, a loving husband, father of four, and gospel preacher, takes a few minutes to go over some important life changing and spirituals insights.

  • How to see the Providential work of God
  • How to notice when God is creating an opportunity for you
  • How to be more aware of your surroundings and Christian works
  • How to prepare to be more evangelistic
  • How to use church services as the perfect place to Open Your Eyes

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